Study The Diamond Grading Report Before Getting An Engagement Ring

Not all sellers provide diamond grading lab stories (aka diamond high quality stories) to their buyers. So my basic tips to you is to maintain your funds in your pocket when dealing with such jewelers.

Only buy a diamond engagement ring if it arrives with the unique diamond quality report.

A lab report is an independent evaluation of the 4Cs of a loose diamond and includes a plotted diagram of the stone’s clarity qualities and a graphic representation of the stone’s proportions. Obtaining this sort of a report permits you to examine diamonds of diverse qualities and in the end aids you make a a lot more informed purchasing choice gia 鑽石價格.

A retailer might minimize corners and not supply a lab report or an unscrupulous vendor might offer a faux one particular due to the fact of the time, problems and cost he’ll bear to getting a stone graded.

Yeah – there is a value for grading a diamond (however that price is eventually paid out by the client), plus the shipping and delivery and insurance policies expenses for sending the diamond to the lab. And let us not overlook the possibility value of a jeweler not getting the diamond in his store for sale for a handful of weeks whilst the grading takes place.

Even so, a diamond grading report might also not be obtainable since the expenses to receiving a single could effect too greatly on the last price of the ring.

For illustration, a .3ct diamond ring costing $250 say, may possibly expense all around $seventy five to be graded and have the report variety inscribed on the girdle on the diamond.

As you lookup for that ideal diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart, you’ll locate that there is an alphabet soup of labs proclaiming to offer respected diamond grading stories. But I would only place my funds on…

The Premier Diamond Grading Lab Reviews

Sure, all diamond good quality reports are not developed equivalent. Within the market, it is a consensus that the two premier labs are GIA-GTL (Gemological Institute of America’s Gem Trade Lab) and the AGS (American Gem Society Laboratories).

The GCAL (Gem Certification and Assurance Lab) also provides hugely regarded reviews or “diamond certificates” as they are referred to by GCAL.

The GIA has the strongest international status for independence and regularity. Due to their constant colour and clarity strictness recommendations, the globe’s greatest and most costly diamonds have been sent there for grading decades. In 2006, GIA-GTL included a two-dimensional reduce grading program for round excellent diamonds.

AGS uses the strictest cut expectations in the market. It utilizes a 3-dimensional gentle overall performance metric that can grade many diamond shapes. In truth, it is the only reduce grading program that is identified by the scientific community.

What is far more, its Diamond Top quality Doc utilizes a exclusive and proprietary to ten grading program to consider the 4 Cs – a system which is less difficult to understand than GIA’s grading system. In fact, AGS even goes the further stage by equating their -ten score scale to other varieties of ranking.

For instance, the standard VS1 diamond clarity score is a 3 on the AGS Diamond High quality Document.

Diamond Reporting – The Drawbacks

1. Diamond grading is not standardized or regulated and hence you might occur across tier two labs that make use of looser tips to the tier one grading labs pointed out previously mentioned.

If you get a diamond that has been graded by a tier two lab, you may conclude up spending more for a lesser high quality diamond. So for example, a diamond rated a “F” in coloration at a tier two lab may get a G, H, or lower coloration ranking at a much more reputable lab.

The industry also discounts diamonds graded by lesser known labs by about fifteen-30% or a lot more. So both you only purchase a diamond graded by a tier one lab or you accept that you may possibly be buying a lesser good quality diamond than what is mentioned on the report if that diamond is graded by a lesser recognized lab.

2. A lot of huge chain retailers have massive contracts with lesser identified labs with “softer” diamond grading tips. Some of these softer labs put “proposed alternative values” on the lab stories – values which are higher than what merchants intends promote the diamonds for.

So a salesperson in a chain store may possibly say to you, “Search at the wonderful deal you are obtaining here. We are offering you this diamond engagement ring for $2500 but the report states that the proposed alternative price is $4000.” Wow – what a offer – NOT! This is why it is far better that you have faith in only impartial tier 1 labs.

Also bear in brain that trustworthy diamond grading stories are not appraisals and never provide appraisal figures. Diamond appraisals are usually grossly inflated and are not some thing you will want to rely on.

three. Diamond reviews are riddled with disclaimers that specify that nothing is “certified” or guaranteed and that the labs are not accountable for errors. In fact, the GIA delivers a disclaimer of sorts on their web site relating to the use of the phrase “certify.” The website states:

“It is incorrect to point out that students, graduates, their companies, or distinct gemstones are “certified” by GIA. The Gemological Institute of The usa does not certify anybody or something. Neither a student nor a graduate who has been awarded a certification or diploma, nor a gem which has been graded or recognized by GIA has been qualified by GIA”.

So it is possible that you the buyer is remaining holding the bag must an inaccuracy in a report is afterwards uncovered. Courts have usually dominated that sellers, not labs, are liable for these kinds of mistakes. Why? Because the labs indicated beforehand that their reviews could not be held liable.

Fortunately, there are a pair approaches to give oneself a lot more customer safety:

A. You could fly to India in which jewelers offer a life span buyback policy to their clients. Too expensive to fly?

B. You could discover one particular of the twenty% of US jewelers who sell entirely bonded diamonds. . These are diamonds that are marketed with life time breakage, lifetime trade-in and lifetime buyback policies.

C. Not as very good a remedy as buying a completely bonded diamond but you could get a diamond that will come with an actual “certificate” and not a report. “Qualified diamonds do appear with guaranties” albeit for shorter durations.


Some sellers refer to a “diamond report” as a “accredited diamond” but technically this is not correct. From a authorized standpoint, a diamond report is a simply an professional viewpoint however in actuality, facets of a diamond grading report are not just views.

For case in point, a diamond’s carat (weight) can be accurately decided as nicely as its minimize grade by measuring its optical performance or by referring to a pc product. A certificate on the other hand is a assertion of simple fact – a doc for which the issuer accepts legal accountability and will make restitution to the consumer for blunders.

Some prime diamond grading labs provide both reviews and certificates. AGS provides Diamond High quality Paperwork (non-certified reviews) and also Diamond Quality Certificates. Diamond Quality Certificates are prepared completely for AGS retail jewelers and gives guaranties from collaborating American Gem Modern society member shops.

GCAL certifies it’s diamond grading also. Its 100% income-again ensure plan is legitimate for a period of time of two years from the date on the applicable certification. This coverage makes certain the accuracy of the cut, colour and clarity grades and the carat weight.

A report or certification ought to will have a number on it that might or could not be inscribed on a diamond. You will be able to enter that variety on the internet site of the certifying lab to check a report’s validity.

Factors Of A Diamond Grading Report

Diamond grading reports are often evolving but certain element need to continue to be the identical. For instance, the:

The Report #. This number is presented and recorded in a lab’s report and could or may possibly not be inscribed on a diamond’s girdle. You can enter the report variety on a grading lab’s web site to verify the authenticity of the diamond high quality report or to get more info about the diamond.

Form & Side Style: This is the define and the reducing design utilised for the aspect arrangement. There are three standard side variations – “outstanding cut, stage reduce and mixed reducing type” and twelve simple designs which incorporate notables such as spherical brilliant and princess minimize” diamonds.

Measurements: This refers to measurement (not bodyweight) of a diamond. Dimension includes dimensions this sort of as length, width, bodyweight and diameter. A measurement is typically shown to the hundredth of a millimeter. Measurements enjoy a enormous role in how a diamond sparkles.

Carat Excess weight: The weight of a diamond is calculated to the hundredth of a carat and some even offer such measure to the thousandth of a carat (1.123ct.). Carat is the most objective and the simplest to realize of the 4Cs because all 1 has to do is bodyweight the stone.

Colour Quality: This tells you the stage of shade absence in the diamond. The less colour the larger the quality.

Diamonds are generally graded from D-Z the nearer to “D” the whiter the diamond. You should in no way see diamond coloration selection such as (G-H, I-J-K, and so on) on a diamond report. You must only see shade ranges on appraisals for stones that are mounted.

Clarity Grade: Virtually each and every diamond has internal imperfections named inclusions and exterior imperfections referred to as blemishes. A diamond is graded in accordance to the dimension, type, location and amount of these flaws.

Clarity grades selection from Flawless (FL) – Integrated. Labs use a couple specialists to quality the clarity of a diamond in order to occur up with a a lot more accurate reading.

Reduce Quality: A lot more modern diamond reports contain a cut quality for standard spherical outstanding diamonds. Cut normally takes into thought the brilliance, fireplace and scintillation of the diamond. Cut grade ranges from Exceptional – Very poor.

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